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A Harvest of Souls & Food in Bangladesh

PRAISE REPORT OCTOBER 20TH, 2018 BANGLADESH: Praise the Lord. All Glory to my Lord, His blessing and mercy for us. I am very thankful to Lord because He using me and my team for His Kingdom in Bangladesh. We are working to reach those who have not heard about my Lord Jesus Christ. My team is really very active and hard worker for ministry. I am thankful to Lord for all of them. They done their job in time because they knew I am sick and I can’t move or join with them. Pastor Tapon and Pastor Nimai are also completing their tasks in their respective mission fields as they preach and teach and evangelize for more souls. This week I, Kona and Ashis visited the Tala Church and families. We visited home to home and talked with families and the people. We visited children and we encouraged them in the Lord also. We asked them about their family, how are they and how are their family members. We asked children about their education. They are all well in Jesus name. They were very happy to see us in their yard. We asked if they attend the church and Sunday school and they said yes, they attend every week. They are learning and they are very happy. We prayed for all families, children and members and we prayed for their needs and mostly for their strong belief in Jesus.

We are overjoyed to report that we have started our Botiaghata project house build on our blessed land. We are so very happy that very soon we can move my family there (my father and mother and my brother). We are going to build 2 rooms and one kitchen and one outside toilet. Already we made the toilet and set the pillar for kitchen. Now we are making the floor and it needs another one week we hope because the soil is very soft and muddy, its need to dry first. We bought 2000 bricks for the main house; we will use it for 10 inch boundary. We will also buy hollow block for the main house walls. Now we are working for main house soil making because its needed to be tamped down and fixed otherwise the floor will crack. Also, we are working to fix the trees with bamboo, because if have strong wind, they will break without this protection. Winter coming so we are getting to plant winter vegetables. We are preparing the soil and very soon we will plant new seeds on the land. Our fish are growing and every day we are feeding them. Our project is looking very nice and we hope after all work is complete it will look nicer. We are asking for prayer and support for our project because this project will help us with vegetable, fruit, fish and shrimp that will help to our mission and mission leaders.

I believe in prayers, so, please pray for me and our team that we can continue working with His blessing. God bless and thanks again. -Bro Hilton Biswas

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