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A New Years Brings Many Blessings

JANUARY 1st UPDATE: Praise the Lord & Greetings from Bangladesh! I am given you today’s visitation update report. At first we are gave thanks to our Heavenly God for His abundant grace, then, all brethren were praying for the Bangladesh mission. We (Hilton & Daniel) went to our mission field (Masiyara church) for  fellowship service. Today is the first day of New Year and it was a blessing to join our church members to praise God & for worship. They began their church service at 10:00am so we left Khulna very early as the road is very bad. It was about 3 hours journey by motorcycle but God helped us to go to that place safely.

Pastor Tapon began the church service by the prayer then we praised our Almighty God (Jesus Christ) by devotional songs. I the preached from Bible to them. I preached how it is to change their life from sin unto holiness by picking up our cross daily and to love others and to call sinners to repentance. We closed our worship by last prayer, then, we talked with some of members and gave them sweets before coming back to Khulna. We were very glad to see them. The house was full. They eagerly heard God words and praised God spontaneously for this new day and New Year in their life. Please pray for those souls who believe Jesus Christ to stay strong and continue to follow Him. We are praying for all brethren that these blessings continue for His glory. Please pray for us and our mission. God bless you.

JANUARY 14th UPDATE: First we give thanks to our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ for abundant grace and mercy in our life. We are also thankful to all brethren who are always praying for us and Bangladesh mission and those who support us too.

We are the soldiers of a Heavenly God labouring daily for HIM preaching Gospel and helping to poor people, especially Children and widows. They are very precious and we are trying to turn their way to God as we minister to their physical needs. We give to them live and powerful Words of God. We also give a helping hand to them.

We were praying for wool cotton sheets and were able to buy some, praise God. This winter we gave them to our sponsor children and widow. We always pray for them as they are needy and unable to work. They don’t have even a good house. In winter season, they suffer so much as it’s very cold and most all don’t have any electricity or warm dress. It’s very difficult for them to live in this cold weather. 

This is time to praise our Alive God, He heard our prayer. Yesterday we bought wool cotton sheets for sponsor child and widows. We made a list for sheets distribution. And today we distributed wool cotton sheets in Khulna area like in our school and other places. They were very happy when they got wool cotton sheets and we gave it to them without any problem. God helped us and with us always as we abide in and obey Him. We also distributed the wool sheets in Tala and Satkhira fields. God shall be praised.


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