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A Piece of “Paradise” in Bangladesh

Praise the Lord.

All Glory to God. We are very thankful to Lord for His blessing to us. We are working in Bangladesh with His blessing and support from His people. We are very thankful also to all brother and sister who are praying and supporting us for Bangladesh mission. Since 2012, we are working in remote Bangladesh villages to to reach the unreached people. We are going man to man and home to home. Many village and villagers are got the good news of God. Our pastors, leaders and all fields’ teachers are also fulfilling the vision. Now it’s time to help all Pastors and leaders out of salary or honorarium. In that case, our Lord helped us to buy a land from the donations of blessed brethren who are obedient and committed to God. Maybe we do not know all brother or sisters who donated for this land, but we are giving thanks to all of them from deep in our hearts. We are working on land and have dug a pond and have varieties of fish with shrimp, numbering in the thousands. We already planted some vegetables and fruits trees too. All plants are alive and they are growing up gradually , praise God They are getting ready for a good harvest.

Last month, we received information at midnight that a thief came into our land for stealing fish and other things so we were worried about that. We were praying to God about this problem. God gave answer to our prayer. God helped us through His people. We got support from brother and sister to make a house on this land, a blessing beyond measure. We started our work with the help of God. We already built a kitchen and toilet. Then, we started our work to build a main house. We dug the certain area for house foundation where we will make the house but we noticed that there is sitting water. When the water level will go down, we will start the basement work. We hope that next week we will start the work.

Beside this we are doing some other works. We believe that God will be glorified by this land. We have some big plans for this land for the funding of our mission. We are thinking that we will sell fruits, vegetables and fishes and earn some money to further the Gospel. We hope that we can support some pastors with this money and also ministry (the orphan and widow and “least of these”). We are planning when the water recedes we make a chicken farm and also black bangle goat. We hope that we can support our ministry through this land. We believe that God will help us to do this.

Please pray for this land and Bangladesh GMFC mission. Also pray for us and all pastors. God can give us His strength and knowledge for His Holy work. We are praying for you. God bless you. Amen. -Brother Hilton Biswas

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