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A Prayer for a Tubewell in Bangladesh


Praise the Lord and all the glory to God. Greetings from the Bangladesh mission. Everything we are doing for His Glory. Thanks to the Lord for the land and home he has blessed us with where we can make money for mission work in Bangladesh. As we get close to completing the farmhouse, there are two things we need that are very important. One is electricity and another is a water tubewell. Our family will move there soon so electricity is very important as it will make all work easier. Also, a tubewell is extremely important because we need clean water to drink which we will also use for all our brethren in bangladesh too. We live in a salty area so we need a deep tubewell for pure drinking water (and for irrigation too). We suffer for water, especially in the dry season. If we have a tubewell, we can drink pure and also use the water in our projects in the dry season (farm, pond, rice paddy’s, etc. Here I am adding the budgets for a Tubewell and Electricity line.

For better and pure water, we need to bore about 900′ deep. For 1 ft bore charge = 30taka, so 900 ft will be 27,000.00 tk. Pipe 1 ft = 20tk so 860 ft pipe will be 17,200.00tk. Filter pipe 1 ft 35 so 40 ft pipe will be         1,400.00tk. Outer pipe 1ft 40 so 120 ft pile will be 4.800.00tk. Tube well total set 2650.00tk. Accessories (gum tape, thread tape, but-bolt, etc)     800.00tk. Tubewell floor (7’X7′) 49 sq.ft. estimated 9,000.00tk. Total 62,850.00tk.

For Electricity, the government will take a small one-time fee for connection and we need to buy an electricity meter, cable, and  the electrician charge. So, we estimated about 16,200.00tk for electricity connection to the property. These are of course one-time costs. Once installed, we will only pay about $7 per month for electricity.

In total, we need for tubewell 62850.00tk ($757USD ) and for electricity  16,200.00tk ($195usd). Total needed is 79,050.00tk ($925).

We pray the Lord provides and thanks so much for considering.

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