GMFC WFF BAngladesh collage update 2-1-2019

A Prayer Request from Bangladesh to Continue the Christian School

Praise the Lord. We are giving to all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is continuing to help us in our mission work as we abide in Him. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters whose are praying and supporting the Bangladesh mission. Pastor Tapon and his teams are doing a good and huge work at Shatkhira and Paikgacha. Last week, he visited all mission fields; Tala Church, Uludanga Church and a new field named Murogacha. We are evangelizing to prayerfully start a new home fellowship there. Already some Hindu and Muslim families are listening to use preach the gospel with attentivness. We are teaching and preaching to them as the Lord leads. We believe and hope we will have some new believers there soon, we are evangelizing to them regularly.

Tala and Ulludanga Church are also doing well as they serve the Lord. Our members are very happy as they get fed the Word often. Our Sunday school teacher and the local Pastor of Ulludanga church, Pastor Nimai, are helping pastor Tapon too. Sunday school teachers are doing very good job with the children. Children are also very happy because she teaching them and sharing new stories from Bible every week. She also teaches them new songs. We are praise Lord because now some of the children can read the Bible. We are thankful to all the saints praying for them. Now they know how to avoid sin and stay with the Lord. Their parents are also very happy and thankful to us that we are building very strong faith in them. Pastor Tapon and Pastor Nimai are working on the new field near of them; we are praying for field and I will visit there very soon, I hope.

We are very thankful to the Lord for the GMFC Christian School. The last 2 years we are continuing to teach in a 99%+ Hindu and Muslim area. Every year we are getting new students and this year we have 42 children total. We are very thankful to the Lord because He is answering our prayers. We are teaching them the basics but also we are building them up in the Lord. Some times the government asks us many questions as they frown on the teachings of Christ but our Lord is powerful and the school continues. Praise His name. Our 6 teachers are are doing very good job. This month we provided the children with school books and writing pads. They are very happy with the new books and pads.

This is the last year (2019) of our school land lease contract, we had a 3 year contract with the landowner. Last month, we talked with the landowner but he does not want to renew our lease so we have to move our school to a new place. We are not going to make another agreement with a landowner because we are praying to the Lord to build a school in our own land. If that does not happen soon in terms of funding, we may have to lease again.

We are praying to be able to continue to the school, as the Lord wills. Our teachers will be very sad if they go back home because they are involved from heart with their job. They love the children because they are the witnesses on how the children are growing in Lord. We are praying to find a good and small piece of land for the school. We believe that our Lord will manage it for us as He did before. Amen

We are requesting to all the obedient for prayer. Please pray for Tala, Shatkhira and Uludanga church and all members. Please pray for our Pastors, volunteers and leaders, and for all teacher.s We are praying for you. God bless you all. Amen. -Bro Hilton Biswas (Bangladesh Overseer)


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