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Bangladesh Christian Grammar School Update & Outreach to Impoverished Hindus

Immediately below is a video update from our GMFC Everlight Elementary School. After that, you will see an update from our mission field leaders as they went on outreaches to impoverished Hindu areas.

Praise the Lord & greetings from Bangladesh towards all Brethren. First, we give thanks unto our Almighty God. He loves us as we love Him by our obedience to His commands and He is helping us spread the Good News. We are also grateful to our all brethren who are praying for us.

We are reaching out to the the unbelievers for His Kingdom.  Here in Bangladesh, it’s 90% Muslim and 9% Hindu. This is why we can go so far and preach the gospel to more people. We are looking to serve in the most impoverished areas so we went to the Jessore district. There have a pastor in Jessore who is working there and are starting to observe him. He is working in Jessore and we would like to disciple him.
We informed him we were coming to visit and he was so excited so he made a plan as to which places we shall visit. In Jessore he is working some different places. In the early morning we (Kana, Daniel and Hilton) prepared ourselves for the journey. We went to rail station about 6 am as we went to Jessore by train. We went from Jessore to Jikorgasa by bus as here the pastor was waiting for us. We then started with him our outreach to Shimolia by van. It’s a about a 3 hour trip. We visited first a mission field in Jessore called Shimolia. The Pastor’s house is also in Shimolia near the mission field. Most everyone is Hindu here so it’s a ripe mission field to introduce Jesus! Pastor called some families into a house and we preached to them. We shared some bible truth with them and set the foundation for them to repent towards Jesus of all their sins and to live a holy life for Him. They are so very poor and can’t afford to send their children to school. We told them, we are nothing without God and that they must know the true God and believe in Jesus Christ. Everything is possible to Him. We ended by praying for them to turn to Christ Jesus. We will ba back there soon as pray to start a fellowship there, Lord willing.
 We proceeded to the next mission field. It’s about 1 hour drive from first mission field. Here they are even more impoverished than the last mission field, if that is even possible. When we saw them, it seems to me life has stopped here. Their houses right just beside the rail line(see pictures). They don’t own any land and live in unstable makeshift shacks that are broken and very small. They are living on government property & there is no sanitary toilet. They just go to the rail line or beside the bush and canal. We noticed another big problem; there is no pure water for drink, they live very miserable lives. To make it even worse, they are hated by many people because they are the most impoverished. They cannot get good work as they are discriminated against. 

We went house to house and talked with them. There are seven families, all of them are Hindu. We asked some questions to them. Why are you being neglected from your own religious people?  Why you cannot go to any Hindi’s religious fest? Do you know where are you going after death? They couldn’t give any answers. We told them but there is only one God who love is available to them if they truly repent. We share with them that the One True God (Jesus) teaches us to love our neighbor as yourself. He gave His begotten son for us because as a Sin Offering and you too can receive eternal life (salvation) if you forsake your false religion(repent) and obey Him until the end. Through His sacrificial death we can be redeemed from all our past sins if we repent and forsake them and live holy for Jesus. There is no respecter of persons with Jesus. Only through Jesus Christ can you go to heaven, there is no other way(John 3:3, 14:6). God will bless you if you believe, otherwise, His wrath abides on you (John 3:36). We ended the mission by praying for them, giving them some food and telling them we will be back very soon. Then we backed to pastor’s house for lunch at 3:30pm and headed home after that.

We are praying for the children and widows we met too. We will help them too as Jesus provides. Pray for them and please pray to help up with a donation or monthly sponsorship. God bless you. Amen – Brother Hilton Biswas

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