Bangladesh Presses on for Jesus

Praise the Lord,

Christs’ love to all dear Brethren. We are praising our Heavenly Lord Jesus Christ for His Mercy, love and grace in our life and mission work. We are also thankful to our all dearer brethren because of their prayer support and love for us and mission as well.

Because of the unrighteous “corona lockdown”, many are facing problems as most are day labourers which provides the basic necessities. That has been taken away from so many. We have food problem, health problem and many kinds of obstacles but we have very strong Faith in God.

We are doing farming as much as we can to combat the food insecurity with our brethren. From tomorrow (29/01/22) we are starting paddy (rice) planting. We are hoping that we can harvest 1200 kg (2650 lbs) of paddy which will give us 850 kg (1875 lbs) of rice. In this harvest, we are planning to provide for many brethren. If we could lease more land, we would get more paddy. Then we could help more families. In this continuing winter season, we have harvested many vegetables. We are giving mission families and keeping some for our family too.

In this covid situation, we are continuing our schools very discretely. Sometimes we are doing home school, and sometimes we are gathering them together. In this restricted time, we are also doing the restricted classes but we are not compromising education with covid restriction. Our teachers are doing very hard job. Sometimes they are facing hard situation, but with the Lord, they are continuing. In this New Year season, we are preparing to give them new books, pads and other educational materials.

We are very optimistic about our mission evangelistic outreach. If God allow, and the unrighteous lockdowns are lifted, we will go to a very remote village we were invited to. We will reach more souls, many who never heard the name of Jesus.

We are asking for help for our mission fields, and our works, specially during the covid situation in Bangladesh. God bless the obedient in Christ.

-Bro Dyaniel Biswas

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