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The Bangladesh Christian School Expands & Food for Christ

Praise the Lord,

We are giving all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is helped us in our mission work continually. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters who are praying and supporting the Bangladesh mission.

We are also very thankful to all of our friends who gave the gift for us. Education for all but it must be in the Lord. GMFC Christian school is  following the Holy Bible and teaching the young children according to the Holy Book and also basic education. This is the last month of year, final exam. This month we have a parents meeting as every month and all parents attend. I and the teachers all were there. First we do a formal meeting about school, students, education and next years plan. Then I preach the Gospel in them. Our parents were very happy for the school because Bangladesh has no similar school. GMFF / WFF is giving their children a good education and also building their future. We plan a good next year because we are hoping we will have more than 50 children at our school. Our teachers are visiting every day door to door and talking to parents for their children to admit our school and they say to me that they are getting good response from villagers. We are praying for our school and are hoping for new students. Our teachers are doing very good job at school as they are giving them the religious education every moment that will help them from their childhood.  My wife (Kona) is the main teacher and she is also doing hard work with all teachers. We are requesting to all of our brethren to pray and support.

We are also very thankful to the Lord because He gave us a good land for mission that is really a great blessing for us and Bangladesh mission. The land will provide fish, vegetable and also rice. I and my family are doing very hard work at the land. We are building a house to live there to labour day and night as fish, fruit trees and vegetables are all flourishing. We are building the house with hollow block which is new for Bangladesh and very new for Khulna area. We can say that we are the first who are building a house with that hollow block. More good news is in 2 days we going to plant paddy (rice) in our land which will produce about 350 KG rice. It will help us and our mission because we will provide to all our Pastors, teachers and other brethren. Rice is our main food so it our land are going to providing us the good and main support us. We Praise to the Lord for this blessing. Vegetables also growing very fast and also fish. Now it’s winter and  day time is very shorter than summer but thanks to Lord because we can continue the work. We are asking prayer for our land and worker who are making the house there.

Again I like to thank GMFC and all brethren who are praying and supporting to Bangladesh mission through them. Here we have some prayer request. God bless. -Hilton Biswas (Bangladesh Overseer)

  1. Please pray for the Pastor of Ulludanga Church (Nimai) as he is suffering from a cold and fever and also pray for his family.
  2. Please pray for Pastor Tapon’s family and mostly for his daughter “Clara” who has been sick.
  3. Please pray for all the children of our Sponsorship project because now is winter so we are hoping to provide them some winter cloth in next year.
  4. Please pray for my father, he is very sick and a good follower of Jesus Christ.
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