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Baptisms in Tala Bangladesh

Praise the Lord. All Glory to God, with His blessing we are working in Bangladesh. God created us for His Glory, we are His servant and He is our father. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ for our Salvation and He died for our sin. He commands us to preach the Gospel to unreached people who are not hear about Him. He said to people for REPENT and come in one line to living Holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy. His Holy blood cleanses us from past sins and helps us to live perfect in this world as we abide in and obey Him until the end for final salvation. We are waiting for His second coming when He will come and take us His everlasting Kingdom. In Bangladesh, we are working in three mission fields where we are teaching those people to repent and helping them to repent and change their life from where they are now. We are helping them to bring out from the FAKE and unholy religion where from they will not get the salvation. We teach them about God and His only child Jesus Christ. We help them to understand what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us. Our three pastors are working in those three mission fields and every three days in a week they are visiting them. Every week they are visiting their houses, teaching and praying for what they need. Not only are we teaching to repent and live holy, we also show them how to repent and how to live holy. Our Sunday school teachers are also teaching those families children every week through Sunday school and also are helping them for basic education. Every child is learning about Jesus Christ and His commands. We are training them up to be a good Christian. We are also visiting every month new people to preach Gospel. We visit house to house man to man with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We call people to repent and join us to live a holy life.

From the very beginning we are working with those people to bring them under the holy cross of Jesus Christ, and this week (08/02/2018), we Baptized 11. Praise the LORD! Before the Baptism program, we did classes from Brother Jimmy, Skype calls, video teaching and also website teaching. We have been preparing these precious souls for baptism as we see fruit worthy of true repentance. On the 2nd of August, we went to the Tala mission field Church and reached in 2 hours 30 minutes. I saw many are waiting there at Church so I gave them greetings and we started the worship. After worship, we called everybody who were ready for Baptism. I called those 11 who are ready and asked 10 biblical questions to make sure they have counted the cost and understood a true believer in Jesus must walk as He walked as commanded in 1st John 2:6 “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.”. We made sure they were truly repentant and pastor Tapon and I prayed for them all to Lord that He he have mercy on them and give His wisdom and blessing to live holy as He. One by one we call and baptized them, we say and feel blessing and are very happy for all people who are baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There were 11 people who were Baptized here are their names. Saints, please pray for them. Their names are Chunti Das, Biplop Das, Horidashi , Sondha, Sadhona, Cumki, Nomita, Goutom, Debproshad, Hanna & Bishojit. 

(Because of rain and darkness we can’t take their single photos but next week I will add their photos)

After Baptism program there was huge rain so we stuck at church but in that time we talked to everyone personally who was baptize and we give them some instruction for future days and life. After the rain stopped, we traveled back to Khulna because we had not much time to visit Ulludanga church and roads were very muddy. We plan next week we will visit there and will baptize people from Ulludanga Church.

Yesterday the 3rd August we visited our land project (farm and fish pond). I say Praise the Lord as everything is good there. Fishes are growing, trees also growing and we are hoping end of this month we can get some vegetables from our field and maybe some fish will be big enough too. Every day my father is visiting and working there. Today, our school just open after Friday, my wife (Kona Biswas) went to the school and I will include school update next week with Ulludanga mission update.

Lastly, we are very thankful you all for your prayer and support for us to work in Bangladesh for His kingdom. We are asking more prayer for those people who are baptized and who will be baptized next. We request you also please pray for us and our all mission pastors and leaders. God bless you and yours. Amen.

Brother Hilton Biswas

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