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GMFC Everlight Elementary Christian School Bangladesh

A video from our Christian school in Bangladesh. It’s an incredible blessing to be able to have this school in a country that is 90% Muslim and 9% Hindu! Join us below as we want to expand and reach more of these precious souls. Brother Hilton updates below:

Praise the Lord and all the glory to Him.What a huge blessing from the almighty Lord. This is the great victory what my Lord gave to us. This report will prove that how my Lord is working in Bangladesh for His glory. I am talking about our School; the First GMFC Christian school in Bangladesh. We started the school at Batiaghata, Khulna in January 2017. After one year, we looked back and we realize how huge a blessing my Lord gave us. There were many challenges as local leaders and also sometimes from federal government individuals came to us with many questions. Everywhere is corruption here but Praise the Lord, that can’t touch us. We prayed to Lord and He showed us the way. We are very thankful to the Lord for His help and also very thankful to you all for prayer and support. This year in 2018 we start again with new children on top of the ones we have last year. Now we have 35 children. We were very confused because people are saying that we are converting children to Christian as we are teaching them Christianity but praise the Lord, we never lost any children from our school. In fact, we got some new children. Imagine in a country with 90% Muslims and 9% Hindu and we gain children! Yesterday, we distributed books and writing pads for the school semester. We also distributed school uniforms also. We are very happy with our new children. We request to you all please pray and continue to support us for this blessing job. It’s just $724 per month total to fund this school at full-capacity, 100 children! Help us get there below by becoming a monthly partner. You can help educate these precious children on a foundation of Jesus. God bless you and yours. Amen

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