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Hindu’s Hear the Gospel on a New Mission Field in Bangladesh

Praise the Lord and greetings from Bangladesh to all Brethren of Christ. I am brother Hilton and provide you with this update. We are really thankful to our Heavenly God who always helps us. Our Almighty God always leads us to unreached people. We believe that we are working under His blessing Hand.

Every month we visit our mission fields for teaching, preaching and serving the physical needs of the people as well, and, we do evangelistic outreaches as well to new fields. We open-air preach, pray for people like the sick and lost and also administer help to the poor. In this case, we visited our old mission fields. This time we not only went to Tala for preaching but also some other works. We (Hilton, Daniel & Cilton) went to Ulodanga and Machaira in Tala. We set out from our home base in Khulna very early in the morning. The roads are very bad so it took us a long time to get to our destination. During our journey, I felt sick with problem in my stomach, but God helped us to get there safely.

Firstly, we went to Ullodanga village and reached at 11 am where pastor Tapon and Nemai joined with us. There we had joined along with them in church service. I noticed they were waiting for us and they were very happy to see us. I also was very glad to see them. I preached to them from Bible. They were eagerly listening to God’s word. After that we prayed for them, talked with them and observed their condition. We also talked with the children about Jesus. There we collect some information of sponsor child because some information was needed for making short story and completing the update for child sponsorship program. We bought some fruits for children that we then gave to them. After that we went to a new field named Mahamudkathi for a little moment. And these new people were very happy to see us and wanted to talk with us. All of them are Hindu so this was a perfect opportunity to evangelize to them. We visited a teenager who is disabled. About four years ago he got sick then suddenly became disabled. He is unable to move and unable to speak properly. We prayed for him and laid hands on him, we then headed back to Taka where brother Tapon is based. We were invited for lunch in Pastor Tapon’s house but I felt very sick and could not eat and all, so I took saline water and medicine. They ate a nice lunch at 3:30 pm.

After that, I could not go to Machiara but the rest of the team (Daniel, Cilton and Pastor’s family) made their way to Machiara Church. They reached there at 4:30 pm. There, pastor Tapon lead the Church service and brother Daniel also preached the Gospel to them. He preached God’s words from the Bible, Psalm 15, and I believed this was a great chapter for teaching them. They heard the God’s Words very carefully. Then they prayed for them and brother Daniel talked with the guardian and children. After that, they came back to Tala, Tapon’s house. We concluded our visit and left Tala at 6:30 pm. During our journey, I prayed again and again so that I can go back to home safely. And of course I believed unto my God who is alive, who always saves and helps us in our every step. We reached safely at home, praise Him.

This visitation had some problems but we had the victory because God always with us, in our very works, and I believe He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). We are really thankful to our all Brethren, who are continuously praying for us. We are also praying for our brethren. God bless you all. Amen.

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