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Many Prayers Answered in Bangladesh

Praise the Lord,

Christ’s love unto all brethren. As in the beginning, we are very grateful to God for His abundant love, grace and blessings in our life, which we can realize as long as we are obedient to Him. This is why we acknowledge that He is the almighty God, Heavenly Father and Saviour. We are also thankful to our all brethren for praying for us and the Bangladesh mission.

We are very glad to be a part of Christ’s works. God uses us for His kingdom. We are giving spiritual bread, the true Gospel to them. From each of our local fellowships, we are evangelizing to the poor, non-Christian people. Besides the Gospel, we often try to help them in their bad time as a helping hand. We are God’s hands and feet on earth ministering to the downtrodden and lost. We were blessed to give them Christ’s love gift in this cold winter season as they don’t have enough warm clothes. They battle with the cold weather and we were praying to relieve them from this hard condition. God heard our prayer. God has provided some warm gift for them, blankets.

Dyaniel and Samir went to both the Machiara and Ullodanga churches for giving blankets to the church members. At first, they went to Machiara church along with pastor Tapon, the overseer. Before giving blankets, they praised God. They worshiped the Living God for His abundant love. Brother Dyaniel preached to them and all the brethren prayed to the people receiving the Good News. After that, they gave them blankets as pastor Tapon made a list of who to give them too. They were very happy for this gift.

Then they proceeded to the Ullodanga church where pastor Nemai ministers. They worshiped God and Brother Dyaniel preached to them. Then they concluded with prayer. After that, they gave them blankets from a list Pastor Nemai made. God surely blessed the whole day and HE helped them for this work. We are praying for the salvation of those who heard the gospel and will be following up.

While that was happening, I and Kona (my wife) visited some families near of our GMFC Christian school in Khulna. We meet with some very old people, mostly they are very poor. We gave them blankets and we shared the Gospel to them. We heard from them how they are living, and sadly, most of them are neglected by their families and children. They are having trouble in the winter but when they got the gift and were very happy and gave much thanks.

God is very merciful for us, His children who labor for Him day and night. He is giving a great harvest from our land project. Our 1st harvest of vegetables, fruit and fish are a gift from God for sure. Winter in Bangladesh is the best season for vegetables and the harvest is coming. In winter season, the fish in out pond grow very slow but we checked them and they are healthy. Naturally in winter, fish get viruses and they die, but thanks to God, we have not had that problem. We are taking care of them goodly. The good news is we are going to plant paddy (rice) next week. We are hoping we will get about 350 kg (775 lbs) of rice after the 4 month growing season. We are working on the land to ready the paddy fields this week. We will be planting in a few days. God is really Great. We will start the mission house building again in one week we hope. We bought a water pump for the paddy field as we thought of renting but it’s expensive and not available in season, so, we let the GMFC / WFF brethren know our need and we were blessed with the pump. It will also help us for all water-related work including keeping the fish pond level up and watering the farm. God providing us with everything that we need, we praise Him and His name. We are asking for prayer; please pray for us and Bangladesh. Especially pray for our school, church, and church members, pastors and teachers. Our greatest upcoming need is securing a small piece of land to build a school. The 3 year deal we signed for free land where our current school resides is up at the end of 2019, we must secure a piece of land and start construction no later than mid-summer this year. We are praying for you. God bless you. Amen. -Brother Hilton Biswas

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