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Much “Fruit” on Multiple Mission Fields in Bangladesh

Praise the Lord,

We are giving to all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is continuing to help us in our mission work. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters who are praying and supporting the Bangladesh mission.

Our Heavenly Father gave us a piece of land for Bangladesh mission this year. We are very thankful to the Lord and His people who helped us receive the land. From the beginning, we are working on land very diligently. We cut a pond by hand and we put varieties of fish and shrimp. We also planted varieties of vegetables and seasonal fruit trees. We already got a harvest from them. We are collecting vegetables every week. It’s not huge for now but from next year we are hoping it will be a huge harvest for HIS glory. Thousands of fish we believe will be mature in December 2018 so we can get a good output from the pond. I and my mission leaders and also my family are taking care of it everyday. Vegetables and fish are growing slowly. It’s making us very happy and it’s encouraging to see this harvest. We are planning from next year that we can provide the harvest to our mission leaders which will help them and their families.

We are praying to build a small home on our land because starting last month, we got a call from our land neighbour, He said that someone (a thief) got into the project cutting the fence and tried to catch fish. We go the next day and we saw its truth and don’t truly know how many were taken. We are asking for prayer and support to build a small house there. My father and mother have committed to live there permanently and they can save the project with the blessing of God.

We are very thankful to Lord for the school, it’s the first GMFC Christian School in Bangladesh, my wife and good teacher teams are doing very hard and active work at school. Students are very comfortable with the teachers as are the parents. We are giving them the basic education and also the real truth of my Lord. We are helping them to learn about Jesus Christ. We are helping to understand how to become a good follower of Jesus Christ. We believe what they are learning now they will not forget in their life. We are teaching them how to clean their school and also homes. Every week, they clean their school and their parents say to us they help also at home. It’s really very good news for us. Last month we provided them with writing pads and this month we will provide them pens, pencils and others study materials. Students are very happy for playing at the school grounds. In the summer and rainy season, they can’t play outside so they are very excited winter is coming.

This is the 2nd year of our school. Our deed is for 3 years so in 2020, we have to move our school to another place if the landowner does not allow the school for more time here. We are praying to the Lord for permanent land for the school. We believe our Lord will help us to build a permanent school. We are requesting all of our brethren to pray for Bangladesh school project.

According to Holy Bible; Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. We are working 3 mission fields in Bangladesh with Pastor Tapon, Pastor Nimai and Pastor Apu serving the Holy word. A total of 32 families now at our 3 Churches (46 children and 19 widows). Every week for 3 days they are visiting the church and their families. Our Sunday school teachers are also doing a great job. The pastors wives are also visiting widows and women on the mission fields. The last 2 months, we baptized souls and we are hoping this month also we will baptize more. Our main pastor, Tapon, is mentoring the two other pastors. He is also visiting their two mission fields every month. Every week they are giving communion in our fellowships. We also visit monthly each church. Last month we provide the children with some soap and this month we are planning to give them toothpowder because their parents can’t buy toothpaste for them. We are taking care of their basic education also and are praying for a Christian school in those mission fields just like our Botiaghata School. We are teaching our pastors and Sunday school teachers often to sharpen them in the Word. We are hoping and praying for upcoming winter help more children and widows. We are requesting to you all to pray for and help these precious children and mission fields. We are facing a transportation problem as the road is really very bad. Actually, our government is working to make a new road from last year. It takes us 4 hours for a 2 hour trip but we are praying for them to finish the work very soon, then we can visit every week.

Special thanks to you all for prayer and help for Pastor Taopn’s daughter (Clara Sarker). She is now some well and treatment is continuing. We hope very soon she will be fully well. Her father and mother are very thankful to Lord and also those who pray for her and the few that supported her in this time of need. We are praying for all our children and mission fields and families. Please pray for our families also. We will back soon with new update, Lord willing. God bless. Bro Hilton Biswas

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