Muslims Hear the Gospel in Bangladesh

Praise The Lord. Yielding Christ’s love to all brethren; I am really grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ who always instills blessings to the obedient and giving me strength for His royal work. I am also giving thanks to my all brothers and sisters. Because they are continuing pray for us and Bangladesh mission. Bible says from the Book of Proverbs 15:29- “The LORD is far from the wicked: but he hears the prayer of the righteous.” And we believe that He hears all brethren’s prayers. We believe that God is always working with us as we do His work. This is why God is always leading and pushing us forth for His kingdom into every new places for preaching Gospel, and, to help poor people, especially children and elders.

According to God’s will, yesterday, I , along with my fellow brethren (pastor Tapon, Kana my wife, Silton), went to Shatkhira, a new place we decided to evangelize in hopes to start another fellowship. It’s not in Shatkhira town. The village is so far from Shatkhira as well as Khulna. It’s a remote village named Balarampur. There are approximately 500 families who live there, most of them are Muslim and also Hindu. We were able to visit 60 families. We went house to house and preached the Gospel to them. We also gave them 48 page Bible tracks and preached from these tracks. We even shared God’s Words to the crowd in the apen-air. We also talked with the children as well as elders too and gave them God’s Words. We noticed one thing, they eagerly were listening God’s Words no matter if we preached to group or to individual person. I was thing in that time; Alive are the Words of God that are planting seeds inside their hearts.

When we were preaching and walked here and there, house to house, we noticed one guy was following us all that time. We don’t know who he was ? The interesting this was that whole day, he was following us. How could we have known that he is Muslim and an Imam(muslim leader/teacher). He asked some questions and at a time we preached Gospel to him. The villagers invited us for the next time to visit that village and preach the Gospel to them and also that Imam. We are thankful unto our God who is Alive for this miracle.

Finally, we visited our mission field at Tala (Pastor Tarpon’s home base). We went house-to-house and prayed for some families. We provided the Sawyer water filter to Pastor Tapon for the Tala Church mission and it will be used for church members. The day was good but the weather was hot because of summer time. And the end of the day, we saw a storm but not so big. The Lord helped our whole day visitation in a new place and got us safely back to our home. We were praising our Almighty God for His abundant love and for the outreach. We are praying for you. Please pray for Bangladesh and us. God bless you all. Amen. -Brother Hilton Biswas

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