The Bangladesh School May Be Saved!

I was going to write to announce we were shutting down the Bangladesh school at the end of the year, but, after a video call with Hilton & Daniel Biswas, our Bangladesh overseers, I got incredible news! I was notified that the farmland we bought a couple years ago will soon able to produce enough income to keep the school open, with one last request. Praise GOD!

The bottom line is we just need to help them with one last income generating project. 100 chickens & 300 ducks to produce eggs and eventually meat will be enough to keep the school open. Please consider being a part of this godly cause to allow the school to stay open. Over 50 children are hearing the words of Jesus daily in a country that’s 90% Muslim & 9% Hindu.

The bottom line is they need about $2,600 (one time) to fund and house the chickens/ducks for 5 months. The profit after 5 months will be an incredible $300+ per month and will save the school! Join us.

A detailed letter with the complete financial details is here.

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